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Preparation Technology and Property Research of Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Detergent

Xiumei Tai  Xiaoying Liu  Guoyong Wang  Xuebin Mao  Zhiping Du  
【摘要】:A series of ultra-concentrated liquid detergents(active matter content 60%) was designed and formulated. The cold resisting, heat resisting and freeze-thaw stability of liquid detergent were tested, and their foaming power, detergency, pH value as well as water-saving property were evaluated by Ross-Miles foam meter, Terg-O-tometer, p H detector and surface tensionmeter, respectively. The results showed that the ultra-concentrated liquid detergents product displayed excellent stability. pH value of liquid detergents were less than 9 with less skin irritation. The foaming power of 0.05%(weight fraction) of liquid detergents was appreciably lower than 0.2% standard liquid detergent.The detergency of 0.05%(weight fraction) of liquid detergents was better than 0.2% standard liquid detergent, especially for artificial sebum stained clothes; the water-saving of liquid detergents was better than standard liquid detergent, the surfactant concentration of second rinse solution of standard liquid detergent was 5.3 times than that of concentrated liquid detergent.

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