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Saponins and solvent extracts from Atriplex laciniata L. exhibited high anthelmintic and insecticidal activities

Zul Kamal  Farhat Ullah  Sajjad Ahmad  Muhammad Ayaz  Abdul Sadiq  Muhammad Imran  Shujat Ahmad  Faiz Ur Rahman  Anwar Zeb  
【摘要】:OBJECTIVE: To investigate saponins and various solvent extracts from Atriplex laciniata(A. laciniata)against human parasites and various pests.METHODS: The samples from A. laciniata used in the activities were crude saponins(Al.Sp F) and solvent samples including methanolic extract(Al.Me F), ethyl acetate(Al.Ea F), choloroform(Al.Cf F),n-hexane(Al.Hx F) and water residual(Al.Wt F). Anthelmintic potentials of the samples were analyzed against Pheretima posthuma(earthworms) and Ascaridia galli(round worms) using contact toxicity method. Insecticidal activities were performed against Heterotermes indicola(termite), Monomorium pharaonis(pharaoh ant), Tribolium castaneum(flour beetle) and Rhyzopertha dominica(grain borer) using standard protocols.RESULTS: In anthelmintic assay, Al.Cf F and Al.Sp F were most effective against P. posthuma and A. gal-li with average death times of 25.62 and 29.65 min respectively. Likewise the anthelmintic assay, Al.Sp F and Al.Cf F were most effective against H. indicola causing 90.36% and 73.24% lethality respectively. Furthermore, in anti-Pharaoh activity Al.Sp F, Al.Wt F, Al.Cf F, Al.Me F and Al.Cf F exhibited highest activity with LD50 of 78, 220, 260, 330 and 800 mg/m L respectively. Al.Sp F and Al.Cf F were highly effective against R. dominica causing 80.11% and71.30% lethality respectively. Al.Sp F was found most active against T. castaneum.CONCLUSION: Our findings suggest that the Al.Sp F, Al.Cf F and Al.Wt F extracted from A.laciniata L.may be the best options for the isolation of anthelmintic and bio-insecticidal compounds.

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