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Effects of Life Histories on Genome Size Variation in Squamata

Chuan CHEN  Long JIN  Ying JIANG  Wenbo LIAO  
【摘要】:Genome size changes significantly among taxonomic levels, and this variation is often related to the patterns shaped by the phylogeny, life histories and ecological factors. However, there are mixed evidences on the main factors affecting molecular evolution in animals.In this study, we used phylogenetic comparative analysis to investigate the evolutionary rate of genome size and the relationships between genome size and life histories(i.e.,hatchling mass, clutch size, clutches per year, age at sexual maturity, lifespan and body mass) among 199 squamata species. Our results showed that the evolutionary rate of genome size in Lacertilia was significantly faster than Serpentes. Moreover, we also found that larger species showed larger hatchling mass, more clutches per year and clutch size and longer lifespan. However, genome size was negatively associated with clutch size and clutches per year, but not associated with body mass we looked at.The findings suggest that larger species do not possess the evolution of large genomes in squamata.

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