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Recent advances in the translation of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics science for drug discovery and development

Yurong Lai  Xiaoyan Chu  Li Di  Wei Gao  Yingying Guo  Xingrong Liu  Chuang Lu  Jialin Mao  Hong Shen  Huaping Tang  Cindy Q.Xia  Lei Zhang  Xinxin Ding  
【摘要】:Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics(DMPK) is an important branch of pharmaceutical sciences.The nature of ADME(absorption,distribution,metabolism,excretion) and PK(pharmacokinetics) inquiries during drug discovery and development has evolved in recent years from being largely descriptive to seeking a more quantitative and mechanistic understanding of the fate of drug candidates in biological systems.Tremendous progress has been made in the past decade,not only in the characterization of physiochemical properties of drugs that influence their ADME,target organ exposure,and toxicity,but also in the identification of design principles that can minimize drug-drug interaction(DDI) potentials and reduce the attritions.The importance of membrane transporters in drug disposition,efficacy,and safety,as well as the interplay with metabolic processes,has been increasingly recognized.Dramatic increases in investments on new modalities beyond traditional small and large molecule drugs,such as peptides,oligonucleotides,and antibody-drug conjugates,necessitated further innovations in bioanalytical and experimental tools for the characterization of their ADME properties.In this review,we highlight some of the most notable advances in the last decade,and provide future perspectives on potential major breakthroughs and innovations in the translation of DMPK science in various stages of drug discovery and development.

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中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前20条
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