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Synthesis,Structure,and Properties of Ba_5Ho_(1-x)Mn_4O_(15-y)

【摘要】: <正>Recently,considerable interest has been focused on doped BaMnO3 compounds with hexagonal perovskite related structures,because of their variant structures and relative high dielectric permittivity [1].

中国期刊全文数据库 前18条
1 冯建宇;董丽芳;李彩霞;刘莹;杜天;郝芳;;Hollow hexagonal pattern with surface discharges in a?dielectric barrier discharge[J];Plasma Science and Technology;2017年05期
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4 李勇;代学芳;刘国栋;魏志阳;刘恩克;韩小磊;杜志伟;郗学奎;王文洪;吴光恒;;Structural, magnetic properties, and electronic structure of hexagonal FeCoSn compound[J];Chinese Physics B;2018年02期
5 张婷;吴孟强;张树人;熊杰;王金明;张大海;何凤梅;李仲平;;Permittivity and its temperature dependence in hexagonal structure BN dominated by the local electric field[J];Chinese Physics B;2012年07期
6 张俊;金美玲;李翔;望贤成;赵建发;刘影;段磊;李文敏;曹立朋;陈碧娟;王丽娟;孙菲;王永刚;杨留响;肖玉明;邓正;冯少敏;靳常青;朱金龙;;Structure-Spin-Transport Anomaly in Quasi-One-Dimensional Ba_9Fe_3Te_(15) under High Pressure[J];Chinese Physics Letters;2020年08期
7 高尚鹏 ,张卫华 ,李家明 ,朱静;Cluster model calculation of N near K-edge energy-loss fine structures in hexagonal GaN crystal[J];Science in China,Ser.A;2001年12期
8 何科荣;陈辉;刘三秋;;Effect of plasma absorption on dust lattice waves in hexagonal dust crystals[J];Plasma Science and Technology;2018年04期
9 张富春;张志勇;张威虎;阎军峰;贠江妮;;First-principles study of the electronic and optical properties of ZnO nanowires[J];Chinese Physics B;2009年06期
10 张士英;修向前;华雪梅;谢自力;刘斌;陈鹏;韩平;陆海;张荣;郑有炓;;GaN hexagonal pyramids formed by a photo-assisted chemical etching method[J];Chinese Physics B;2014年05期
11 刘玉敏;俞重远;任晓敏;徐子欢;;Self-organized GaN/AlN hexagonal quantum-dots:strain distribution and electronic structure[J];Chinese Physics B;2008年09期
12 赵彤;申志儒;谢文丽;郭龑强;王安帮;王云才;;Sensitivity to external optical feedback of circular-side hexagonal resonator microcavity laser[J];Chinese Physics B;2021年12期
13 ;Atomistic simulation of dynamical and defect properties of multiferroic hexagonal YMnO_3[J];Science China(Physics,Mechanics & Astronomy);2011年05期
14 袁华军;陈亚琦;余芳;彭跃华;何熊武;赵丁;唐东升;;Hydrothermal synthesis and chromic properties of hexagonal WO_3 nanowires[J];Chinese Physics B;2011年03期
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16 Imran Sadiq;Shahzad Naseem;Muhammad Naeem Ashiq;M.A.Khan;Shanawer Niaz;M.U.Rana;;Structural and dielectric properties of doped ferrite nanomaterials suitable for microwave and biomedical applications[J];Progress in Natural Science:Materials International;2015年05期
17 杨育静;张德龙;华平壤;;Multi-frequency focusing of microjets generated by polygonal prisms[J];Chinese Physics B;2022年03期
18 管鹏飞;王崇愚;于涛;;Electronic structure and physical properties of ScN in pressure: density-functional theory calculations[J];Chinese Physics B;2008年08期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前20条
1 Xiang-Bai Chen;Peng-Cheng Guo;Nguyen Thi Huyen;Seung Kim;In-Sang Yang;Xueyun Wang;Sang-Wook Cheong;;Raman spectroscopy studies of spin wave and spin flip in hexagonal manganites[A];第十九届全国光散射学术会议摘要集[C];2017年
2 Liu Yulong;Ding Shuo;Yang Huaixin;Shi Yougguo;Wang Nanling;Liu Jianqi;;Orthorhombic-hexagonal Phase Transition in Na_(0.5)CoO_2 Crystals:A Raman Scattering Study[A];第十三届全国光散射学术会议论文摘要集[C];2005年
3 Jijun Zhao;;Ab initio Design of Novel Magnetic Clusters[A];第六届全国计算原子与分子物理学术会议论文集[C];2016年
4 冯哲川;;Temperature dependence of Raman scattering in n-type hexagonal SiC[A];第十七届全国光散射学术会议摘要文集[C];2013年
5 Long Zhou;Jianhong Dai;Yunyu Yin;Youwen Long;;Double multiferroic phases in the A-site ordered cubic perovskite BiMn_3Cr_4O_(12)[A];第十八届中国高压科学学术会议缩编文集[C];2016年
6 ;Nonlinear optical response and optical limiting in a new hexagonal prism shaped metal cluster W_2Ag_4S_8(dppy)_4[A];第九届全国光电技术学术交流会论文集(上册)[C];2010年
7 Jijun Zhao;;Density Functional Theory and Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation of Novel Magnetic Alloy Clusters[A];第五届全国计算原子与分子物理学术会议摘要及墙贴[C];2014年
8 ;Characteristics of radio frequency dielectric barrier N_2 discharges[A];第十五届全国等离子体科学技术会议会议摘要集[C];2011年
9 ;A Simulation of the laser absorption in the fs-pulse laser-target Interaction with different dielectric models[A];第十五届全国等离子体科学技术会议会议摘要集[C];2011年
10 Y.Ni;Y.-P.Shi;A.-K.Soh;;Enhancing dielectric response in relaxor by engineering dynamics of polar nanoregions[A];第十二届全国物理力学学术会议论文摘要集[C];2012年
11 Chung Ping Liu;Jong C.Wang;;Photonic structures based on dielectric and magnetic 1-D PCs for wide omnidirectional total-reflection[A];2007年中国青年光学学术研讨会论文摘要集[C];2007年
12 白亚锋;;Observation of Mega-gauss magnetic field in a dielectric target[A];第十八届全国等离子体科学技术会议摘要集[C];2017年
13 Chunping Li;Lin Guo;Guangsheng Wang;Yuzhen Lv;Huibin Xu;;Raman and Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Nanorods[A];第十三届全国光散射学术会议论文摘要集[C];2005年
14 ;Growth and Characterization of BaSnO_3-PbTiO_3 Piezo-Crystals[A];第15届全国晶体生长与材料学术会议论文集[C];2009年
15 闫胤洲;曾勇;赵艳;蒋毅坚;;Enhanced photoluminescence and Raman scattering by self-assembled dielectric microsphere monolayer arrays[A];第十八届全国光散射学术会议摘要文集[C];2015年
16 ZHU Wei-Ming;ZHANG Xiao;朱哲;;Phase Transition of Ba_(0.5)Sr_(0.5)TiO_3 Thin Film Induced by Electric and Temperature Multifield[A];第十四届全国物理力学学术会议缩编文集[C];2016年
17 YU Zhe;YANG Haidong;DU Huan;YAO Jing;XU Shaojie;ZHANG Zhitao;;The Transition of Streamer, Corona and Glow Discharge in the Needle-to-plane Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Atmospheric Air[A];中国物理学会第十八届全国静电学术会议会议论文集——高压放电:从灾害防护到新技术应用[C];2013年
18 ;Mossbauer isomer shifts and chemical bond properties of rare earth orthoferrites[A];第十一届全国穆斯堡尔谱学会议论文集[C];2011年
19 吴燕妮;Junna Li;Chi Wang;Caixia Li;Jun Dong;Hairong Zheng;;Generation and Manipulation of Ultrahigh Order Plasmon Resonances in Visible and Near-Infrared Region[A];第十八届全国光散射学术会议摘要文集[C];2015年
20 何胜;Shengye Jin;;Controllable Synthesis and Excited-State Dynamics of Organometal Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots[A];第十五届全国化学动力学会议论文集[C];2017年
中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前1条
1 Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Abdalla;[D];西南大学;2007年
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