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Guest ions pre-intercalation strategy of manganese-oxides for supercapacitor and battery applications

Lina Chen  Chongyang Hao  Yamin Zhang  Youri Wei  Linna Dai  Jun Cheng  Hongqiang Zhang  Lijie Ci  
【摘要】:Optimization of intrinsic structure of electrode materials plays decisive roles in promoting the development of energy storage systems to meet the fast-growing requirements in the market. Interlayer engineering has been proved to be an effective way to obtain adequate active sites, preferable ion diffusion channels and stable structure, thus enhance the performance of batteries. An in-depth understanding of the correlation among synthesis, structure and performance will significantly promote the development of excellent materials and energy storage devices. Therefore, in this review, recent advances in regards to cation preintercalation engineering in Mn-based electrode materials for rechargeable metal ion batteries are systematically summarized. Preintercalated guest cations can expand interlayer space to promote ion diffusion kinetics, serve as pillars to stabilize structure, control composition and valence to switch electrochemical behavior, thus improve the overall performance of secondary batteries.Moreover, the existing challenges and perspectives are provided for the interlayer engineering and its promotion to battery industry.

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