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Strategies from small-area to scalable fabrication for perovskite solar cells

Huanhuan Yao  Shenghuan Shi  Zhizai Li  Zhipeng Ci  Ge Zhu  Liming Ding  Zhiwen Jin  
【摘要】:Recently,perovskite solar cells(PSCs) have flourished,and their power conversion efficiency(PCE) has increased from the initial 3.8% to 25.2% in 2019,which is an unprecedented advance.However,usually high-efficiency and stable PSCs are small-area devices prepared by spin coating.This method is not suitable for the preparation of large-area devices in commercialization.Therefore,there is an urgent need to develop new materials and methods for the scalable fabrication of PSCs.In this review,we first describe the common small-area PSCs preparation methods,understand the nucleation and crystal growth kinetics of perovskite,and analyze the reasons that hinder the development of small-area devices to large-area devices.Next,in order to meet the challenges of PSC's scalable fabrication,we summarize and analyze four strategies:scaling up precursor solutions,scalable deposition methods for large-area films,scaling up charge-transport layers and back electrodes,developing solar modules.Finally,challenges and prospects are proposed to help researchers prepare high-efficiency large-area PSCs.

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