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Optimizing the electrolyte salt of aqueous zinc-ion batteries based on a high-performance calcium vanadate hydrate cathode material

Weijun Zhou  Minfeng Chen  Anran Wang  Aixiang Huang  Jizhang Chen  Xinwu Xu  Ching-Ping Wong  
【摘要】:It is urgent to develop high-performance cathode materials for the emerging aqueous zinc-ion batteries with a facile strategy and optimize the related components.Herein,a Ca_(0.23)V_2O_5·0.95 H_2O nanobelt cathode material with a rather large interlayer spacing of 13.0 A is prepared via a one-step hydrothermal approach.The battery with this cathode material and 3 M Zn(CF_3SO_3)_2 electrolyte displays high specific capacity(355.2 mAh g~(-1) at 0.2 A g~(-1)),great rate capability(240.8 mAh g~(-1) at 5 A g~(-1)),and excellent cyclability(97.7% capacity retention over 2000 cycles).Such superior performances are ascribed to fast electrochemical kinetics,outstanding electrode/electrolyte interface stability,and nearly dendrite-free characteristic.Instead,when ZnSO_4 or Zn(ClO_4)_2 is used to replace Zn(CF_3SO_3)_2,the electrochemical performances become much inferior,due to the slow electrochemical kinetics,inhomogeneous Zn stripping/plating process,and the formation of large dendrites and byproducts.This work not only discloses a high-performance cathode material for aqueous zinc-ion batteries but also offers a reference for the choice of electrolyte salt.

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