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Deciphering the transcriptomic signature of synaptic activity

Guido Hermey  
【摘要】:正Neurons undergo activity-dependent changes in their molecular composition and structure in order to regulate cellular processes such as dendritic growth,synapse elimination,spine maturation and synaptic strength.Such synaptic plasticity plays an important role during a critical period in brain development and contributes to sensory adaptation and to learning and memory in the mature nervous system.Its dysregulation

中国期刊全文数据库 前19条
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2 Susan M.L.Banks;Audrey T.Medeiros;Rui Sousa;Eileen M.Lafer;Jennifer R.Morgan;;Chaperone proteins as ameliorators of α-synuclein-induced synaptic pathologies: insights into Parkinson's disease[J];Neural Regeneration Research;2021年06期
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6 Raheel Khan;Don Kulasiri;Sandhya Samarasinghe;;Functional repertoire of protein kinases and phosphatases in synaptic plasticity and associated neurological disorders[J];Neural Regeneration Research;2021年06期
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8 Manuel Yepes;;Urokinase-type plasminogen activator is a modulator of synaptic plasticity in the central nervous system:implications for neurorepair in the ischemic brain[J];Neural Regeneration Research;2020年04期
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14 Jiejie Wang;Wen Lu;Lin Chen;Ping Zhang;Tingting Qian;Wei Cao;Jianhong Luo;;Serine 707 of APPL1 is Critical for the Synaptic NMDA Receptor-Mediated Akt Phosphorylation Signaling Pathway[J];Neuroscience Bulletin;2016年04期
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19 ;Cover story[J];Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences;2020年01期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前20条
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5 Shengnan Li;Yinghui Peng;Chunmei Liang;Lei Shi;;Dock4 R853H, a mutation associated with dyslexia, impairs neurite outgrowth and synaptic development[A];中国神经科学学会第十二届全国学术会议论文集[C];2017年
6 ;Activation of GABA_B receptors protects cerebellar granule neurons from apoptosis via IGF-I receptor transactivation[A];全国第十一届生化与分子药理学学术会议论文集[C];2009年
7 Xiao-Yan Zhang;Junxia Qi;Yu-Qian Shen;Xian Liu;An Liu;Zikai Zhou;Junhai Han;Zi Chao Zhang;;Mutations of PQBP1 in Renpenning syndrome promote ubiquitin-mediated degradation of FMRP and cause synaptic dysfunction[A];长三角地区神经科学论坛2017摘要集[C];2017年
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20 ZHANG Hong-hui;Wang Qing-yun;;Modeling and analysis of neon atal seizures with synaptic plasticity for real infants' EEG signals[A];第十届动力学与控制学术会议摘要集[C];2016年
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