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Ketamine inhibits c-Jun protein expression in mouse hippocampus following cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury

【摘要】:A model of cerebral ischemia and reperfusion was established in mice.Mice were treated with ketamine via intraperitoneal injection immediately following ischemia or ischemia/reperfusion.Ketamine did not remarkably change infarct volume in mice immediately following ischemia,but injection immediately following ischemia/reperfusion significantly decreased infarct volume.Ketamine injection immediately after ischemia or ischemia/reperfusion inhibited c-Jun protein expression in mouse hippocampus,but nuclear factor kappa B expression was unaltered.In addition,the Longa scale score for neural impairment was not reduced in mice following cerebral ischemia/reperfusion.These results indicate that ketamine can protect mice against cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury by modulating c-Jun protein expression in mouse hippocampus.

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