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2D CoOOH Sheet-Encapsulated Ni_2P into Tubular Arrays Realizing 1000 mA cm~(-2)-Level-Current-Density Hydrogen Evolution Over 100 h in Neutral Water

Shucong Zhang  Wenbin Wang  Feilong Hu  Yan Mi  Shuzhe Wang  Youwen Liu  Xiaomeng Ai  Jiakun Fang  Huiqiao Li  Tianyou Zhai  
【摘要】:Water electrolysis at high current density(1000 mA cm~(-2) level) with excellent durability especially in neutral electrolyte is the pivotal issue for green hydrogen from experiment to industrialization.In addition to the high intrinsic activity determined by the electronic structure,electrocatalysts are also required to be capable of fast mass transfer(electrolyte recharge and bubble overflow) and high mechanical stability.Herein,the 2D CoOOH sheet-encapsulated Ni_2P into tubular arrays electrocatalytic system was proposed and realized 1000 mA cm~(-2)-levelcurrent-density hydrogen evolution over 100 h in neutral water.In designed catalysts,2D stack structure as an adaptive material can buffer the shock of electrolyte convection,hydrogen bubble rupture,and evolution through the release of stress,which insure the long cycle stability.Meanwhile,the rich porosity between stacked units contributed the good infiltration of electrolyte and slippage of hydrogen bubbles,guaranteeing electrolyte fast recharge and bubble evolution at the high-current catalysis.Beyond that,the electron structure modulation induced by interfacial charge transfer is also beneficial to enhance the intrinsic activity.Profoundly,the multiscale coordinated regulation will provide a guide to design high-efficiency industrial electrocatalysts.

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