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Circulating immune parameters-based nomogram for predicting malignancy in laryngeal neoplasm

Min Chen  Yi Fang  Yue Yang  Pei-Jie He  Lei Cheng  Hai-Tao Wu  
【摘要】:BACKGROUND Malignancy prediction remains important to preoperative diagnosis and postoperative follow-up in laryngeal neoplasm.AIM To evaluate the circulating immune population and develop a nomogram for prediction of malignancy in patients with laryngeal neoplasm.METHODS A primary cohort of 156 patients was divided into laryngeal benign lesion, premalignant lesion and malignant lesion groups. Peripheral blood from patients was measured by blood routine test and flow cytometry. A nomogram was developed and applied to a validation cohort containing 55 consecutive patients.RESULTS Age, gender and seven circulating immune parameters exhibited significant differences between laryngeal benign lesion and premalignant lesion. The nomogram incorporated predictors, including gender, age, smoke index, proportions of monocytes, CD8+ T cells, CD4+ T cells, B cells and CD4/CD8+ T cell ratio. It showed good discrimination between laryngeal premalignant lesion and malignant lesion, with a C-index of 0.844 for the primary cohort. Application of this nomogram in the validation cohort(C-index, 0.804) still had good discrimination and good calibration. Decision curve analysis revealed that the nomogram was clinically useful.CONCLUSION This novel nomogram, incorporating both clinical risk factors and circulating immune parameters, could be appropriately applied in preoperative individualized prediction of malignancy in patients with laryngeal neoplasm.

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