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Research gains insight into the guidance mechanism of neuronal migration

【摘要】: <正>Neuronal migration, a process in which neurons travel a large distance from the areas where they are born to different parts of the brain where they

中国期刊全文数据库 前19条
1 Cheng Wang;Ji Wang;Dandan Fu;Qiong Yan;Daiwen Pang;Zhiling Zhang;;Topography guiding the accelerated and persistently directional cell migration induced by vaccinia virus[J];Chinese Chemical Letters;2020年01期
2 Jelena Kralj;Milo? Martinovi?;Luka Jurinovi?;Péter Szinai;Szandra Süt?;Bálint Preiszner;;Geolocator study reveals east African migration route of Central European Common Terns[J];Avian Research;2020年01期
3 Feng Xu;Ming-Yun Li;Jiong Chen;;D-dopachrome tautomerase from Japanese sea bass(Lateolabrax japonicus) is a chemokine-like cytokine and functional homolog of macrophage migration inhibitory factor[J];Zoological Research;2020年01期
4 Xiaojing Tao;Feng Shen;Peng Yang;Xuelan Luo;Dan Li;Yuanyuan Yan;Yongxiong Zhong;Hesheng Ou;;Effects and mechanism of miRNA-24 on the proliferation,migration and tube formation of vascular endothelial cells[J];广西医科大学学报;2018年07期
5 王金祥;;Notch signaling pathway is involved in platelet derived growth factor-AA induced vascular smooth muscle cells proliferation and migration[J];China Medical Abstracts(Internal Medicine);2016年04期
6 Yali Si;Qinchuan Xin;Herbert H.T.Prins;Willem F.de Boer;Peng Gong;;Improving the quantification of waterfowl migration with remote sensing and bird tracking[J];Science Bulletin;2015年23期
7 Bao-Hua Ji;Bo Huo;;Probing the mechanosensitivity in cell adhesion and migration: Experiments and modeling[J];Acta Mechanica Sinica;2013年04期
8 Pilar Angélica Gómez-Ruiz;Cuauhtémoc Sáenz-Romero;Roberto Lindig-Cisneros;;Early performance of two tropical dry forest species after assisted migration to pine-oak forests at different altitudes:strategic response to climate change[J];Journal of Forestry Research;2020年04期
9 Zhou Fang;Bilin Liu;Xinjun Chen;Yong Chen;;Ontogenetic difference of beak elemental concentration and its possible application in migration reconstruction for Ommastrephes bartramii in the North Pacific Ocean[J];Acta Oceanologica Sinica;2019年10期
10 Chunrong Mi;Anders Pape M?ller;Yumin Guo;;Annual spatio-temporal migration patterns of Hooded Cranes wintering in Izumi based on satellite tracking and their implications for conservation[J];Avian Research;2018年03期
11 Chuanlun Zhang;;Tracking the migration of our Chinese ancestors using molecular science[J];National Science Review;2014年02期
12 ;Cell surface activation of progelatinase A (proMMP-2) and cell migration[J];Cell Research;1998年03期
13 Xin Wang;Lei Cao;Nyambayar Batbayar;Anthony David Fox;;Variability among autumn migration patterns of Mongolian Common Shelducks(Tadorna tadorna)[J];Avian Research;2019年01期
14 Yixia Wang;Yanchao Han;Pengfei Xu;Shihui Ding;Guangyuan Li;Hongbin Jin;Yaping Meng;Anming Meng;Shunji Jia;;prpf4 is essential for cell survival and posterior lateral line primordium migration in zebrafish[J];Journal of Genetics and Genomics;2018年08期
15 Juan Ramírez;Michele Panuccio;;Flight feather moult in Western Marsh Harriers during autumn migration[J];Avian Research;2019年01期
16 ;Axon guidance and neuronal migration research in China[J];Science China(Life Sciences);2010年03期
17 ;Knockdown of CD146 reduces the migration and proliferation of human endothelial cells[J];Cell Research;2006年03期
18 R?zvan VOICU;RADECKI-PAWLIK;Tomasz TYMI?SKI;Marian MOKWA;Robbin SOTIR;Liliana VOICU;;A potential engineering solution to facilitate upstream movement of fish in mountain rivers with weirs: Southern Carpathians, the Azuga River[J];Journal of Mountain Science;2020年03期
19 László Bozó;Tibor Cs?rg?;Wieland Heim;;Weather conditions affect spring and autumn migration of Siberian leaf warblers[J];Avian Research;2018年04期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
1 Qingyu Li;Zhengyu Zhang;Zengmin Li;Mei Zhou;Bin Liu;Le Pan;Zhixing Ma;Yufang Zheng;;ADAM17 is critical for multipolar exit and radial migration of neuronal intermediate progenitor cells in mice cerebral cortex[A];中国神经科学学会第十届全国学术会议论文摘要集[C];2013年
2 Feng Yang;Hong Liang;;In vivo epidermal migration requires focal adhesion targeting of ACF7[A];中国晶体学会第六届学术年会暨会员代表大会(大分子晶体学分会)论文摘要集[C];2016年
3 Yifei Zhao;Xiaoxiao He;Zixuann He;Yanning Zhang;Ruizhe Wang;Weixiang Guo;Xiaojuan Zhu;;RNA-binding protein HuR regulates neuronal migration[A];中国神经科学学会第十二届全国学术会议论文集[C];2017年
4 Jia Wang;Jin-Hua Luo;Wen-Jie Huang;Yang Xiang;Xiao-Qun Qin;;Increased intracellular Cl-concentration by activating FAK promotes airway epithelial cells migration and wound healing[A];第七届全国呼吸系统重大疾病转化医学学术论坛论文汇编[C];2019年
5 Li Cai-hong;Xu Peng;Cheng Dong-kai;Sun Xiao-ling;Yu Hong-jun;Liu Ji;Li Chun-yi;Li Bao-shan;;EGF activation of p21 activated kinase-1(Pak1) is critical for human amnion mesenchymal stem cell migration in vitro[A];中国生理学会生殖科学专业委员会—中国动物学会生殖生物学分会第二次联合学术年会暨“生殖科学专业委员会第二次学术交流会”和“生殖生物学分会第十六次学术年会”论文集[C];2017年
6 Chen Jiong;LI Guohong;Zhang Wei;Li Lingling;Huang Yingxue;Zhao Shanting;Yin Yupeng;Chen Shulin;;Macrophage migration inhibitory factor antagonist,ISO-1,lead to cell cycle arrest in G2/M and facilitate migration in CHO cells[A];中国畜牧兽医学会动物解剖及组织胚胎学分会第十九次学术研讨会论文集[C];2016年
7 朱学良;;Nudel:how much can it do in intracellular transport and cell migration[A];第三届细胞结构与功能的信号基础研讨会论文摘要[C];2010年
8 查晓军;;Loss of TSC1/TSC2 complex promotes cell migration through up-regulation of AKT2[A];第三届细胞结构与功能的信号基础研讨会论文摘要[C];2010年
9 ;Nogo enhances the adhesion of olfactory ensheathing cells and inhibits their migration[A];Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Meeting and the 5th Congress of the Chinese Society for Neuroscience[C];2007年
10 Bao-hua Ji;;Mechanics in mechanosensitivity of cell adhesion and its roles in cell migration[A];第十届全国生物力学学术会议暨第十二届全国生物流变学学术会议论文摘要汇编[C];2012年
中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前6条
1 张力军;关于Cofilin的不对称分布和磷酸化调控协同作用促进细胞定向迁移的研究[D];南京大学;2011年
2 陈晨;肌球蛋白轻链激酶通过维持细胞膜张力影响平滑肌细胞的前伸和迁移[D];南京大学;2012年
3 杨浩;应用光镊细胞操作系统研究细胞迁移模型及细胞迁移控制[D];中国科学技术大学;2015年
4 李海涛;RTN3对CXCR4表达及原始生殖细胞迁移的影响[D];中国农业大学;2016年
5 万萍;Exocyst的一个亚基Sec3促进果蝇卵巢边界细胞迁移的分子机制[D];南京大学;2012年
6 刘凌峰;巨噬细胞移动抑制因子(MIF)调节细胞凋亡、细胞生长及周期的分子机制研究[D];复旦大学;2008年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前1条
1 陈夷林;猪MIF基因克隆及表达调控研究[D];华中农业大学;2008年
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