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Research Gains Insight into the Regulation of ImmuneSystem by Sympathetic Nerve

中国期刊全文数据库 前19条
1 杨红军,胡三觉,徐晖;Modulation of spontaneous activities in chronically compressed dorsal root ganglion neurons in rats by sympathetic efferent activation[J];Journal of Medical Colleges of PLA;2000年04期
2 ;Norepinephrine transporter (NET) is expressed in cardiac sympathetic ganglia of adult rat[J];Cell Research;2001年04期
3 George Zaki Ghali;Michael George Zaki Ghali;Emil Zaki Ghali;;Spinal genesis of Mayer waves[J];Neural Regeneration Research;2020年10期
4 戎伟芳;Postsynaptic responses of the thoracic sympathetic preganglionic neurons to electrical stimulation of the rostral ventrolateral medulla in cats[J];Journal of Medical Colleges of PLA;1999年01期
5 Joseph ZACHARIA;Christine LAMONT;Withrow Gil WIER;;Sympathetically evoked Ca~(2+)signaling in arterial smooth muscle[J];Acta Pharmacologica Sinica;2006年12期
6 刘彦国;Applicative anatomy study of upper thoracic sympathetic trunk for clinical sympathictomy[J];China Medical Abstracts;2005年03期
7 ;Between and Animals[J];Women of China;1994年05期
8 ;Effect of the IABP on the renal artery bloodflow[J];Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering(English Edition);1997年03期
9 ;Bioinformatics analyses for signal transduction networks[J];Science in China(Series C:Life Sciences);2008年11期
10 Jeffrey A.Lowell;Kar Men Mah;John L.Bixby;Vance P.Lemmon;;AAV8 transduction capacity is reduced by prior exposure to endosome-like pH conditions[J];Neural Regeneration Research;2021年05期
11 ;Regulation of apoptotic signal transduction pathways by the heat shock proteins[J];Science in China(Series C:Life Sciences);2004年02期
12 ;STAT1 is involved in signal transduction in the EPOinduced HEL cells[J];Cell Research;1998年02期
13 ;Regulation between nitric oxide and MAPK signal transduction in mammals[J];Progress in Natural Science;2005年01期
14 Guo-Dan Liu;Shi-Feng Zhou;Xu-Chen Ding;Chun-Lai Fang;Shu-Yong Mi;Xiang-Chun Gao;Qing Han;;Soluble expression of recomb inant cMyc,Klf4,Oct4,and Sox2 proteins in bacteria and transduction into living cells[J];International Journal of Ophthalmology;2017年04期
15 ;Interaction of signal transduction between angiotensin AT_1 and AT_2 receptor subtypes in rat senescent heart[J];Chinese Medical Journal;2007年20期
16 ;Single-molecule fluorescence imaging of membrane-bound proteins for studies of cell signal transduction[J];Chinese Science Bulletin;2011年11期
17 张毅,骆红艳,刘胜红,易正荣,李爱,胡新武,刘长金,唐明,刘烈炬,宋元龙,高琳琳;Mechanisms of Depressor Effect of Norepinephrine Injected into Subnucleus Commissuriu of Nucleus Solitarius Tractus in Rabbits[J];华中科技大学学报(医学英德文版);2005年03期
18 ;Developmental changes in functional expression andβ-adrenergic regulation of I_f in the heart of mouse embryo[J];Cell Research;2002年Z2期
19 ;p75NTR signal transduction suppressed by BFAR and p75NTR interactions[J];Science China(Life Sciences);2012年04期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前20条
1 ;Evidence for histamine as a neurotransmitter in the cardiac sympathetic nervous system[A];Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Meeting and the 5th Congress of the Chinese Society for Neuroscience[C];2007年
2 Xing Zeng;;Molecular Basis of Sympathetic Innervation of Thermogenic Adipose Tissue[A];第三届中国生物物理学会代谢生物学分会学术研讨会论文集[C];2019年
3 Li-Ying Zhong;Zhang-Jing Shi;Xin-Rong Fan;Zhong-Cai Fan;Jian Luo;Na Lin;Ying-Cai Liu;Lin Wu;Xiao-Rong Zeng;Ji-Min Cao;Yan Wei;;Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated ion(HCN) channels regulate PC12 cell differentiation towards sympathetic neuron[A];2019年中国生理学会心血管生理学术研讨会论文集[C];2019年
4 郭姝;Bing Liu;Jing Lü;Xinjiang Kang;Yun Xiu;Jingli Gu;Yu Mu;Qian Lei;Meiqian Hu;Bin Liu;Haiqiang Dou;Xiaoyu Zhang;Feipeng Zhu;Huadong Xu;Panli Zuo;Bo Zhang;Hongping Huang;Kun Liu;Lihuan Li;Changhe Wang;Ji-Min Cao;Zhuan Zhou;;Norepinephrine release from sympathetic nerves in rodent carrdiac slices measured by c SEC(cardiac Slice of Electro Chemistry)[A];中国生理学会第24届全国会员代表大会暨生理学学术大会论文汇编[C];2014年
5 康新疆;Jingli Gu;Qian Lei;Yu Mu;Bing Liu;Yun Xiu;Jing Lü;Shu Guo;Meiqin Hu;Bin Liu;Xiaoquan Sun;Huadong Xu;Haiqiang Dou;Panli Zuo;Qin Li;Wei Yao;Shirong Wang;Lanqun Mao;Kun Liu;Changhe Wang;Lihuan Li;Ji-Min Cao;Zhuan Zhou;;Norepinephrine release from sympathetic nerves in mammalian hearts in vivo measured by c PEC(cardiac Physiology of Electro Chemistry)[A];中国生理学会第24届全国会员代表大会暨生理学学术大会论文汇编[C];2014年
6 Bing Liu;Xinjiang Kang;谷婧丽;Bin Liu;Li Zhou;Zijun Deng;Xiaoyu Zhang;Shu Guo;Jin Lü;Lianghong Zheng;Lanqun Mao;Jinmin Cao;Changhe Wang;Kun Liu;Zhuan Zhou;;Microdialysis-based-HPLC determinates norepinephrine release from cardiac sympathetic nerves in mammalian heart in situ and in vivo[A];中国生理学会第24届全国会员代表大会暨生理学学术大会论文汇编[C];2014年
7 ;Reducing sympathetic nervous tone in aged rats bettered cardiomyocyte contraction by improving the response of β_2-adrenoceptor[A];中国病理生理学会第九届全国代表大会及学术会议论文摘要[C];2010年
8 Xiao-cui Duan;Rong Guo;Shang-yu Liu;Lin Xiao;Hong-mei Xue;Qi Guo;Sheng Jin;Yu-ming Wu;;Gene transfer of cystathionine β-synthase into RVLM increases hydrogen sulfide-mediatedsuppression of sympathetic outflow via K_(ATP) channel in normotensive rats[A];中国生理学会张锡钧基金第十三届全国青年优秀生理学学术论文综合摘要、中国生理学会第十一届全国青年生理学工作者学术会议论文摘要[C];2015年
9 Haochen Jiang;Xiaofan Ding;Ying Cao;Huanhuan Wang;Wenwen Zeng;;Neural Regulation of White Adipose Tissue Metabolism[A];中国生物化学与分子生物学会第十二届全国会员代表大会暨2018年全国学术会议摘要集[C];2018年
10 ;Small-molecule fluorescent probes for theα1-adrenergic receptors[A];2011年全国药物化学学术会议——药物的源头创新论文摘要集[C];2011年
11 Lu Qing-Bo;Feng Xue-Mei;Tong Ning;Zhu Guo-Qing;周业波;;Nitric oxide and superoxide anions in the paraventricular nucleus mediate the enhanced cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex in obese rats[A];中国生理学会第24届全国会员代表大会暨生理学学术大会论文汇编[C];2014年
12 Gui-Lin LI;Gui-Hua TU;Hai-Ying PENG;Shuang-Mei LIU;Yun GAO;Chang-Shui XU;Shu-Yi QIU;Bo FAN;Qi-Cheng ZHU;Shi-Cheng YU;Chao-Ran ZHENG;Bing WU;Li-Chao PENG;Miao-Miao SONG;Qin WU;Shang-Dong LIANG;;P2X_7 receptor in superior cervical ganglia facilitates sympathoexcitatory action[A];中国神经科学学会第十届全国学术会议论文摘要集[C];2013年
13 ;The influence of the signal-transduction pathways on differentiation of mesencephalic neural stem cells induced by bone marrow stromal cellconditioned medium[A];Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Meeting and the 5th Congress of the Chinese Society for Neuroscience[C];2007年
14 ;An approach to identify the functional transduction and transmission of an activated pathway[A];中国神经科学学会第九届全国学术会议暨第五次会员代表大会论文摘要集[C];2011年
15 Man-Ho Oh;Kevin Blackburn;Michael B Goshe;Steven C Huber;Steven D Clouse;;Molecular mechanisms and phosphorylation of receptor kinase in early Brassinosteroids signal transduction[A];从植物科学到农业发展——2012全国植物生物学大会论文集[C];2012年
16 ;Function analysis of PCAM in BR signal transduction[A];从植物科学到农业发展——2012全国植物生物学大会论文集[C];2012年
17 ;FKBP12-6 Knockout Increases Ryanodine Receptors Open Probability during b-adrenergic Stimulation in Mice Cardiac Myocytes[A];“基因、进化与生理功能多样性”海内外学术研讨会暨中国生理学会第七届比较生理学学术会议论文摘要[C];2009年
18 ;Intra-amygdala antagonism of β-adrenergic receptors mediates the reconsolidation of drug-associated memory[A];Proceedings of the 8th Biennial Conference of the Chinese Society for Neuroscience[C];2009年
19 程玉文;孙珮雯;朱晨洁;张国兴;;Foot shock potentiates blood coagulation system of rats[A];中国生理学会第24届全国会员代表大会暨生理学学术大会论文汇编[C];2014年
20 ;afsQ1-Q2-sigQ is a pleiotropic but conditionally required signal transduction system for both secondary metabolism and morphological development in Streptomyces coelicolor[A];2008年中国微生物学会学术年会论文摘要集[C];2008年
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