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Recent progress in in vivo studies and clinical applications of magnesium based biodegradable implants——A review

Prithivirajan Sekar  Narendranath S  Vijay Desai  
【摘要】:Biodegradable magnesium has regained great attention due to its ability to temporarily offer mechanical strength and degrade completely once the injured pathological tissue is healed. A few clinical applications of Mg-based implants were reported in the last century. However,the knowledge and experience is being gained continuously by studying the host response and degradation behavior of Mg implant in animal models and clinical trials. This led to the development of commercial products emerging from Europe and Asia very recently. The potential of Mg implants in repairing fractures at upper and lower limb of large, small animal models and humans is compared and discussed in detail. In addition the possible future Mg implants that might treat problems concerning to urology and gynecology are reviewed.

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