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Taxonomic revision of Amolops chunganensis(Pope,1929)(Amphibia: Anura) and description of a new species from southwestern China, with discussion on Amolops monticola group and assignment of species groups of the genus Amolops

Ke Jiang  Jin-Long Ren  Zhi-Tong Lyu  Dan Wang  Zeng Wang  Ke Lv  Jia-Wei Wu  Jia-Tang Li  
【摘要】:Amolops chunganensis is a species complex and reported widely from eastern, southern, and southwestern China. Based on molecular data of 19 populations of A. chunganensis sensu lato from China, including the population from Mt. Wuyi(type locality), we recognize A. chunganensis sensu stricto and provide an expanded description based on the topotypic specimens. Combining morphological and molecular data, we describe a new species, Amolops chaochin sp. nov., from southwestern China, which was previously identified as A. chunganensis. The new species is distinguished from all other species in the A. monticola group by:(1) moderate body size,SVL 35.3-39.2 mm in males(n=7), and 50.5-54.4 mm in females(n=7);(2) distinct tympanum, larger than half of eye diameter;(3) small tooth-like projection on anteromedial edge of mandible;(4)circummarginal groove on all fingers;(5) white tubercles on dorsal side of posterior body in both sexes;(6) distinct tubercles on dorsal thigh and white spinose tubercles on dorsal tibia in both sexes;(7)white tubercles on posterior region of tympanum in males;(8) toe webbing reaching disk by dermal fringe on inner side of toe II;(9) vomerine teeth present;(10) transverse bands on dorsal limbs;(11) external vocal sacs present in males. We further reviewed the assignment of Amolops groups, with an overall revision of membership and diagnosis of all species groups.

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1 魏慧敏;葱蝇Dorsal基因的克隆、生物信息学分析及在滞育期的表达[D];重庆师范大学;2012年
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