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Exploration of rice yield potential: Decoding agronomic and physiological traits

Gengmi Li  Jiuyou Tang  Jiakui Zheng  Chengcai Chu  
【摘要】:Rice grain yield is determined by three major ‘‘visible" morphological traits: grain weight, grain number per panicle, and effective tiller number, which are affected by a series of ‘‘invisible" physiological factors including nutrient use efficiency and photosynthetic efficiency. In the past few decades, substantial progress has been made on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying grain yield formation, laying a solid foundation for improving rice yield by molecular breeding. This review outlines our current understanding of the three morphological yield-determining components and summarizes major progress in decoding physiological traits such as nutrient use efficiency and photosynthetic efficiency. It also discusses the integration of current knowledge about yield formation and crop improvement strategies including genome editing with conventional and molecular breeding.

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中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前1条
1 LUU NGOC SINH;利用高代回交群体对水稻产量性状和耐旱性进行调查和遗传分析[D];中国农业科学院;2019年
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