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Oxygen vacancies induced narrow band gap of BiOCl for efficient visible-light catalytic performance from double radicals

Changyan Chen  Ting Jiang  Jianhua Hou  Tingting Zhang  Geshan Zhang  Yongcai Zhang  Xiaozhi Wang  
【摘要】:In this work, a high-efficiency photocatalytic BiOCl material with a visible light absorption range was successfully prepared by one-pot molecular self-assembly and particle recrystallization method at room temperature. In the process of crystal growth, tartaric acid, as a structure control agent, gradually transforms the stacked two-dimensional nano-sheet-like BiOCl into a hierarchical structure composed of petallike nano-sheets through hydrogen bonding. Besides, the acid etching of organic carboxylic acid on the crystal surface increases the number of micropores and mesopores, thereby the reaction interface. The thiourea(TU) molecules adsorbed on the Bi OCl surface with a strong electronic effect introduce oxygen vacancies(OVs) under the condition of low oxygen content. The synergistic effect of hierarchical structure and OVs reduces the recombination of photogenerated carriers, but absorbs more O_2 and OH~- to generate a large number of superoxide radicals(·O_2~-) and hydroxyl radicals(·OH) effectively. The photocatalytic performance of the synthesized Bi OCl material has been significantly improved, and it can effectively degrade 94.15% of rhodamine B(RhB) within 20 min. Furthermore, 90.95% of tetracycline(TC), 93.76% of ciprofloxacin(CIP), and 85.53% of methyl orange(MO) can be removed in 80 min. Therefore, our work provides an effective method for preparing BiOCl with visible light catalytic activity, which, of course, can be used to treat and repair actual environmental problems under mild conditions.

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1 Segomotso Bagwasi;[D];华东理工大学;2012年
2 Muhammad Nasir;[D];华东理工大学;2013年
3 MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL;新型半导体材料的制备及其光/电催化性能研究[D];北京化工大学;2019年
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6 张天然;二氧化锰氧还原催化性能的密度泛函理论计算及实验研究[D];南开大学;2014年
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1 Mamdouh Dulaym Alanazi;[D];北京化工大学;2017年
2 MOHAMMED ALFAIFI;碘掺杂TiO_2/g—C_3N_4的制备及其光催化性能研究[D];北京化工大学;2016年
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