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Al matrix composites fabricated by solid-state cold spray deposition:A critical review

Xinliang Xie  Shuo Yin  Rija-nirina Raoelison  Chaoyue Chen  Christophe Verdy  Wenya Li  Gang Ji  Zhongming Ren  Hanlin Liao  
【摘要】:Cold spraying(CS), or cold gas dynamic spray(CGDS), is an emerging solid-state powder deposition process, allowing fast and mass production and restoration of metallic components. CS of metal matrix composites(MMCs) has attracted increasing attention from academia and industry over the last decades,especially in the area of Al matrix composites(AMCs), which have demonstrated a high potential for applications in aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. This article aims to summarize the recent development of CS-processed AMCs in terms of composite powder preparation, deposition processing, microstructure evolution, mechanical and corrosion properties. Furthermore, this review also reports the relevant research progress with the focus on post-treatments of the AMCs for CS additive manufacturing applications including heat treatment, hot rolling, and friction stir processing. Finally, the challenges and perspectives on the fabrication of advanced AMCs by CS are addressed.

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1 Adnan Khalil;[D];中国科学技术大学;2017年
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