《Journal of Ocean University of China》 2019年04期
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Effects of Seawater Acidification on Early Development of Clam Cyclina sinensis

SUI Yanming  ZHOU Kai  LAI Qifang  YAO Zongli  GAO Pengchen  
【摘要】:Anthropogenic emission of atmospheric carbon dioxide(CO_2) has led to a rapid increase in atmospheric CO_2 concentration. Increasing atmospheric CO_2 can reduce seawater pH and carbonate ions, which may adversely affect the survival of the larvae of calcareous animals. Cyclina sinensis is a commercially and ecologically important species in several Asian countries. Living in coast shallow waters, this species has experienced the coastal environmental changes frequently throughout its life cycle. In this study, we simulated possible future seawater pH values including 8.2, 7.8 and 7.4 and examined the effects of ocean acidification on the early development of C. sinensis. Clam embryos were incubated for 48 h(2 d) in control and high-CO_2 seawater to compare embryogenesis, larval growth and swimming behavior. Fertilization rate was quite sensitive to pH, and moderate acidification could induce a significant decrease in fertilization rate. However, only extreme acidification could bring significant negative effect to hatching rate, body size, and average path velocity of trochophora. Moreover, with seawater acidification, C. sinensis needs much more time to reach the same developmental stage, which increases the risk of larva survival. Together with recent studies demonstrating negative impacts of high CO_2 on fertilization and larva swimming behavior, the results imply a future decrease of C. sinensis populations in oceans if its acclimation to the predicted environmental alteration does not occur.

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