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Body weights in Han Chinese populations

Yonglan Li  Lianbin Zheng  Huanjiu Xi  Keli Yu  Shunhua Lu  Jinyuan Tian  Xue Song  Jinping Bao  Yuling Li  Xinghua Zhang  Youfeng Wen  Fu Ren  
【摘要】:The body weights of 26,954 Han Chinese adults in 67 areas(16,503 in rural areas and 10,451 in urban areas) across China were measured from 2009 to2013.The results showed that in China,the three areas(north China,northeast China,and Jianghuai Plain) were with the greatest body weight.Northwest Han Chinese populations were heavier.Southwestern dialect groups were at the middle level and lighter than northern Han Chinese populations,but were heavier among southern Han Chinese populations.Chinese Han who located in areas of Hangjiahu were the general level,and similar to southwestern dialect groups.The mean values of body weight in Hunan Han and Fujian Han were greater than other Han groups in southern China.Gan dialect groups and Cantonese dialect groups showed the minimum body weightvalue in all Chinese Han groups.Besides,the mean body weight of Hakka was heavier than Gan dialect groups and Cantonese dialect groups which were adjacent to Hakka.Body weight increases with an increase in height,bone diameter,subcutaneous fat on the limbs and trunk,chest circumference,and abdomen circumference.This study revealed that northern Han men were heavier than southern Han men,because the former were taller and had a larger waist circumference as well as thicker subcutaneous fat on their backs.Among women,height,bone diameter of the upper limbs,chest and abdomen circumferences,and subcutaneous fat on the limbs and trunks of northern Han exceeded those of rural southern Han.Consequently,body weight values of northern Han women were higher than those of southern Han women.While a significant difference in these values was found between urban and rural men,no significant difference occurred between urban and rural women.Body weight was associated with age in urban and rural men only in the case of minority groups.However,there was a positive correlation between body weight and age in the majority groups of both urban and rural women.The particular composition of genes involved in body weight traits of Han populations across the country has created a genetic foundation accounting for varying body weights of different Han populations.Environmental factors also play a role.As the Han are widely dispersed,their habitation areas vary according to factors such as topography,temperature,precipitation,humidity,and light.Moreover,labor intensity,food composition,and the intake of various nutrients also differ across Han populations.All of these factors have affected the development of body weight in Han populations living in different locations.

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